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Common Ground Alliance Best Practices

In 1999, the Department of Transportation in the United States sponsored the Common Ground Study.  The purpose of the Common Ground Study was to identify and validate existing best practices performed in connection with preventing damage to underground facilities.   The collected best practices are intended to be shared among stakeholders involved with and dependent upon the safe and reliable operation, maintenance, construction, and protection of underground facilities.  The best practices contain validated experiences gained that can be further examined and evaluated for possible consideration and incorporation into state and private stakeholder underground facility damage prevention programs.

Given the evolution of the CGA in Canada, Regionally developed Best Practices have followed the emergence of each Regional Partner.

In the fall of 2018 the CCGA released Best Practices Version 3.0. This includes updates developed through regional and stakeholder consensus. Download the CCGA Best Practices V 3.0 in English or French.

This is a continuation of the significant goal of the harmonized Best Practices Version 1.0 released in 2014. 

Download the CCGA's Best Practice Transaction Form HERE.

Visit the CCGA Best Practice Committee page for more information.

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