Canadian Common Ground Alliance

Canadian Common Ground Alliance

Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility



Wednesday, September 20

8:00 am - 8:30 am

Ballroom A

Opening Symposium Address

From John to Justin - a 150-year history lesson of our capital city

Kevin Bosch

8:30 am - 9:00 am

Ballroom A

TED Talks

A series of inspiring short presentations on current damage prevention and communication issues offered by industry professionals.

- Best Practices Committee Update
- Changing Behaviour Starts Now - Safety in Schools, Ross Rickware
- Grey Cup, Jeff McWhinney

9:00 - 9:45 am

Ballroom A

Plenary Session
What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: A Panel Discussion on Abandoned/Orphaned/Defunct Facilities

Many buried utilities have outlived their service life and create real danger for excavation today. How do we deal with these facilities when they are present on our dig site? Join this panel discussion comprised of representatives from multiple industries concerned with the protection of our buried utilities and learn about their ideas on solutions for managing these troublesome buried utilities.

Sylvain Boudreau
Municipality of Gatineau
Guy Castagne
David Core
Canadian Association of Energy & Pipeline Landowner Associations
Jamie Bradburn
T2 Utility Engineers, Inc.

Session I
10:30 am - 11:15 am
Session Title Description Speaker(s)

Richelieu Room

Emerging Trends in the Trenchless Industry: What's in It for Me?

Session Notes

An overview of the current state of practice and emerging trends in the trenchless industry. Various techniques for installation or replacement of buried utilities and pipelines rehabilitation methods will be presented with emphasis on how value engineering principles can be applied for trenchless projects to reduce risk, cost, time, and changes without comprising the design and quality of work.

Rizwan Younis, PhD, P.Eng.
University of Waterloo

Joliet Room
Reducing Damages with Permanent Markers & Improving Locator Safety

Session Notes

Over 75% of all effected public surveyed are aware of the presence of a pipeline based on a marker/sign, and 33% of damages were a result of no locate request being made. If you are facility owner your largest asset is your pipelines/cables, and they also represent your biggest risk to your bottom line and to public safety. Learn how a well-designed & maintained permanent marking system can protect both your facilities and the public. Permanent markers lead to locates, and locators play a crucial role in damage prevention. We will cover some tips on how to help keep locators safe on the job.

Scott Landes
Rhino/Infrastructure Resources
Frontenac Room
Protecting your Buried Infrastructure through Asset Management

A multi-barrier approach to protecting buried infrastructure will be discussed. Advance planning, excavator awareness and execution of technologies culminates in safe digging practices taking into consideration the risk and level of service pillars of asset management.

Darwin Durnie
Stantec Consulting
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Session Title Description Speaker(s)
Ballroom A
Keynote Address
General Richard Hillier

With 35 years of military experience, including serving as the Chief of the Defence Staff for Canadian Forces, General Hillier, has exemplified what it means to be a true leader. Hear more about his story and learn how you can utilize his approach to make a positive change in your company.
General Richard Hillier
Session II
2:15 pm - 3:00 pm
Session Title Description Speaker(s)
Richelieu Room

Strategies for Managing Protestors at Worksites Involving Underground Infrastructure

This presentation is designed to provide an overview of protest scenarios that companies may encounter at their work sites, based on experiences of energy sector companies across Canada, and will offer a series of proposed safety-focused solutions that will help to mitigate the effects of potential business interruptions caused by these events.

W. Scott Raesler
3Si Risk Strategies Inc.
Doug Maynard
Lions Gate Risk Management Group
Joliet Room
Augmented Reality Case Study: The Jetson’s Have Landed

Session Notes
Advances in computer vision technology and augmented reality solutions enables new tools for all parties involved in the protection of underground assets. Consistent information, virtual markings, accurate mapping data aggregation, and improvement of geo-referenced asset networks become faster and ubiquitous when using AR-enabled smartphones and tablets along with existing systems and processes.
Ricardo Mahoney
TelDig Inc.
Denis Courchesne
Todd Scott
Enbridge Gas New Brunswick
Mathieu Dupont
Frontenac Room
Oops, you hit my line! Now what?

Session Notes

Have you ever wondered what happens after a damage occurs to your linear asset?  How does an insurance claim work? This session will focus on trends within the Insurance Industry as it relates to linear assets.  Are linear assets insurable, are natural disasters impacting insurance premiums? Join this session and get your questions answered.

David McGown
Insurance Bureau of Canada
Session III
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
 Session Title  Description Speaker(s)
Richelieu Room

Proposed Standard on Land Use Planning Around Pipelines

Session Notes

The CSA Group is developing a new standard dealing with development around pipelines.  Ed Plant, with a representative from CSA, will promote a safe, proactive, and collaborative multi-stakeholder approach to land development and community growth.  A brief history illustrating the need for the proposed CSA Standard and an update on the Technical Committee drafting process will be provided.

Ed Plant
T.E.P R-O-W Co-ordination Inc.
Joliet Room
How are Utilities Using Social Media?

Session Notes
Social media is a fast-paced environment.  More and more natural gas utilities are starting to use a range of social media platforms.   It’s being used to reach employees, current and future customers, and the general public with information on outages, damage prevention, and major incidents.  This session will provide a brief overview on what social media tools gas utilities are using today, perspectives on how to manage it, the importance of engaging and fresh content, tips and tricks, and thoughts on what’s next for social media in our industry.
Annik Aubry
Canadian Gas Association

Frontenac Room
The Changing Face of Damage Prevention in Atlantic Canada

With the formalization of the Atlantic Canada Common Ground Alliance in 2016, the Atlantic Canada region builds on past successes on its damage prevention journey.  Stephanie More provides a recent history of damage prevention in the Atlantic Region, recounts pivotal events which helped drive the development of the damage prevention system, and discusses the next steps in continuing its momentum.

Stephanie More, P.Eng.

Thursday, September 21
 Session Title Description   Speaker(s)
8:00 am - 8:45 am
Ballroom A

CCGA Address
Join the Canadian CGA (CCGA) as they recap their initiatives and progress over the past year and speak to the goals they have set for the upcoming year.

8:45 am - 9:15 am
Ballroom A
 TED Talks A series of inspiring short presentations on current damage prevention and communication issues offered by industry professionals.

- DIRT Committee Update
- Marketing and Education Committee Update
- AB Ground Disturbance Training, Bas Owel
Sessions IV
9:30 am - 10:15 am
 Session Title Description  Speaker(s)
Richelieu Room

Cyber Security: Are people really the biggest risks?

Join security expert Eugene Ng, as he shows the audience, in real time, how easily a breach can happen. Through various cases, Ng will also demonstrate how organizations can build a culture of deterrence and vigilance, regardless of the industry they are in. A must-attend for any attendees interested in understanding how a culture of security helps reduce risk.

Eugene Ng
Joliet Room
Ontario Underground Infrastructure Legislation Outreach Results

Session Notes

In 2016, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ Public Safety Branch conducted targeted stakeholder outreach sessions to gather information on the impacts of the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act on excavation activities in Ontario. Vanessa and Ben will speak to the results of these sessions and how On1Call is responding to the recommendations.

Vanessa Rae
Ministry of Government and
Consumer Services

Ben Hamilton
Ontario One Call
Frontenac Room
Why Should I Call? I Know What I’m Doing: CBYD Education and Outreach Campaign

Session Notes
Research showed a segment in the market are not willing to or interested in safety excavation.  CBYD messaging was re-designed to target contractors and residential audiences with separate media strategies incorporating new geo-targeted ways to purchase media. We will cover how and why the strategy was designed, share examples, go over the results of the campaign to date and share lessons learned.
Michele Petrusevich
Leanne Sallenback
Sessions V
10:30 am - 11:15 am
Session Title Description Speaker(s)
Richelieu Room

Right of Way or the Wrong Way?

Session Notes
For ten years there were no damages that released product on NEB-regulated pipelines; in 2017 two were hit within ten weeks.  This presentation will discuss what happened and the Human Organizational Factors (HOF) that may have contributed to the incidents. Attendees of this session will receive a copy of the enhanced guidance for municipal O&M activities in NEB-regulated ROWs.

Shannon Neufeld
National Energy Board

Joliet Room
Municipal Best Practices

A discussion by municipal leaders from across Canada to share their processes on planning and implementing damage prevention solutions to their operations. Join the discussion on lessons learned and how these professionals continue to provide protection to their underground infrastructure and safety to the public.

Karen Santucci
City of Kingston
Linda Carkner
City of Ottawa
Frontenac Room
Human Performance and Damage Prevention

To err is human, in fact, it’s predictable.  Understanding why errors occur and how to analyze them is critical to preventing damages to critical infrastructure. In this session, we will cover quality systems, human performance, and methods of reducing error rates.  The principles of human performance will have an impact on both the safety and quality results of your organization. 
Dan Halverstadt

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